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27 avril 2008

Révisez vos TEMPS!

Voici un site pratique pour vous entrainer avec la formation des temps :

(cochez les cases verbes réguliers et irréguliers)

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What do you wish you could do?

Here's an example of what people wish they could do but can't do. Be prepared to explain this person's wish

Listen again and pay attention to the difference between "I'd like to + BV" and "I wish I could+BV"

Now, here's the link to a conversation with Rebecca about the same topic. Be prepared to explain her wishes, the reasons why she has not done it yet, and what she would be able to do if she was able to do it. Careful! the use of the tenses is quite tricky!

She learned how to play other instruments, which ones? why did she stop? now, what if she hadn't stopped?...

Now, prepare a short talk about something you wish you could do but can't do (and explain why, of course)

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18 avril 2008

Umoja village

Here's the link to the short documentary about Umoja.

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16 février 2008

Chris' presentation of his hometown, family, etc

Chris has just put his presentation on his Blog.

Have a look at it and write all the things you don't understand.
Then, write to him and ask him questions about it. He'll answer personally and also in class next time.

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28 janvier 2008

Sushi night

Here's a picture of the sushi Jessicca finds really disgusting.

And here's a picture of Uni, another sushi made with sea urchin.

What do you think? Would you taste them it if you saw them in a Sushi Bar? Why, why not?

Now, here's a video of what a Sushi Bar is like. how would you compare it with a traditional French restaurant?

Here's the link to the sound file AND the script to the interview you listened to this morning:

...And don't forget to prepare your own story for Monday, right?


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23 janvier 2008

Radio AD (sound file)

You started preparing for your oral presentation in class (mots porteurs + intonation+ tempo). And here's the file if you want to prepare at home.

the original version:

and a slower version:

Good luck!


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20 janvier 2008

About shopping

You remember, we talked about Boxing day and how crazy people can get when the sales are on?
Well, here's a video on Boxing Day 2007, in Oxford street. Try to find out the equivalent for: "écraser quelqu'un". Send your reactions by clicking on "Commentaires". Thanks.

We listened to a sound file and worked on it on Monday.

Here's the link to listen to it again as much as you want and practise your oral expression for next week:

Now, be prepared to answer a few questions and tape your voice on Wednesday. (either on your MP3 player or on your computer).

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About Winter and Skiing

skier98This is probably the first thing we learn when we start skiing.
Try to catch the English words for: "le chasse neige", "le bout et l'arrière des skis"
Notice the structure he uses to explain how it works! and the image he uses to explain it.
Did you get what the equivalent for "skis parrallèles"??

You're going to tell Chris all about skiing before he tries it.

- the different types of skiing
- the equipment he'll need to try Alpine skiing and their function.
- The different types of slopes (ratings according to difficulty and colour symbol).
- The equipment we usually see in a ski resort (to prepare the slopes and take the skiiers up).
- The different types of snow, and the best type to enjoy skiing.
- The basic steps to ski without falling.

To prepare your talk, here's some useful links:

Don't rush, take your time to browse the links and note the  words you'll need.

chatsmile NEW!  And here's a great link from Pierre:

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23 mars 2007

Dictionary wordreference

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